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Air Hose Fittings That Provides Unsurpassed Fluid Management

The Comprehensive Services of Hose Suppliers Australia

Since inception in 1980, Hose Suppliers Australia has grown incredibly not by its circumference but by establishing its most reliable and consistent services to the Industrial, vee belts, marine and hose fittings segments. The proven services over last two decades, has broadened our recognition as one of the leaders among industrial hose suppliers and plumbing fittings marketing corporate in Australia. We deal with complete product range and are accomplished to offer high-quality services to meet all your industrial, engineering and marine applications through a dedicated reseller network.

Our Commitments

Backed by two exclusive service points at the major metropolis like Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we at Hose Suppliers Australia offer all types of technical support to meet your necessity. At Hose Suppliers Australia, we provide accurate service and take action to most enquiries effectively and instantly. We believe ourselves to be a dedicated service driven corporate, born to offer all time best products, solutions and services. We are considered to be one of the trustworthy hose suppliers with extensive plumbing fittings and assembly products. Hose Supplies Australia provides hose assembly items in clamped, wire whipped and wavy types while bulk buyers are also welcome for customized products.

At Hose Suppliers Australia, we trust in the philosophy of ‘together we grow’ and accordingly we provide superior quality bsp fittings and service so that your business graph can also flourish. Protection of your reputation is our success story. Each of our team members is taught to have a comprehensive approach towards customer support. With an advanced process of quality control mechanism, every product enters our sales counters only after independent test process and verification of both suppliers and in-house manufactured items.

Our extensive varieties of specialized hoses like layflat hose products are particularly designed to meet every application. Being one of the leading hose suppliers we also customize on industrial hose items including fire fighting or mining hose products. Whether you are looking for one layflat hose or flexible type of bsp fittings made of higher-grade steel, we can supply all fittings integrated with nuts with female thread. Our stainless steel bsp fittings are made based on the wax casting method that offers them great finishing endurance and corrosion resistance.

Hose Suppliers Australia

Hose Suppliers Australia was established in 1980 to provide specialist servicing to the industrial, hose fittings, vee belt and marine markets. Hose Suppliers Australia stock a complete range of products for all industrial and marine applications and maintain an extensive reseller network. With two major services centres in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, Hose Suppliers Australia provides technical support second to none. Our product specialists have over 100 years of combined industrial experience.

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