Breeze S/S Constant Torque Clamps

  • The BREEZE® Constant Torque Worm Drive Hose Clamp is a breakthrough in clamping technology. The belleville spring mechanism permits the constant torque clamp to automatically increase or decrease its own diameter due to changes in operational or environmental temperatures.
  • This unique design eliminates "cold flow" leaks. This heavy duty construction has an extended inner liner which protects all types of hoses from damage and helps to maintain consistent pressure.
  • BREEZE® Constant Torque Worm Drive Hose Clamps are designed and manufactured in the USA to SAE Standard J1508 Type "SLHD"
  • Band Width: 15.8mm (5/8")
  • Slotted Head Screw: 7.9mm (5/16")
  • Material: W4 - All 304 Stainless Steel
  • Manufactured:  USA per SAE Standard J1508 Type "SLHD"
  • Quantity: Packs of 10 (sold individual)