25mm Rubber Food Delivery Hose


This hose is specifically designed for the transfer of beer, water, wine, and other food materials. Made from high-quality, food-grade synthetic rubber, it ensures safe and hygienic fluid transfer. The hose features a black or red synthetic rubber cover that is both abrasion and weather resistant. Reinforced with high-strength synthetic cord, it offers excellent durability and reliability. Upgrade your food and beverage operations with our 25mm Rubber Food Delivery Hose, available in various cut lengths.

Usage: Suitable for the transfer of wine, beer, water, and other food materials. Not suitable for oily or fatty foods.

Cover: Black or Red synthetic rubber, abrasion and weather resistant.

Reinforcement: High-strength synthetic cord.

Tube: Food Grade Synthetic Rubber.

Working Pressure: 10 Bar.

Temperature Range: -35°C to +70°C.

Inside Diameter: 25mm.

Ensure safe and efficient food transfer with our robust and dependable Rubber Food Delivery Hose.