76mm Yellow Tail Abrasive Suction Hose


A robust suction and discharge hose well suited for use in extreme environments, its high nitrile / PVC compound gives this hose excellent flexibility and UV stability. This makes it well suited for abrasive slurries, on waste trucks, for many chemicals plus high volume air seeder applications

TYPICAL USES: Abrasive slurries, Waste Trucks, Industrial use, Mild chemicals and general watering applications


  • Black High nitrile content PVC Smooth bore
  • Highly visible yellow raised rigid PVC helix

Operating temperature -5⁰C to + 60⁰C.

NOM ID NOM OD Working Pressure
@ 20⁰C
Vac Rating
*mm hg
Min Bend
76mm 93.4mm 0.4mpa / 58psi 600 400mm 20m